Guess which Image Consultant was voted 'Best in Paris' 2017?

Best in Paris awards Image Consultant in Paris winner

Best in Paris awards Image Consultant in Paris winner

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Expatriates Magazine 'Best In Paris in 2017' awards for the category "Best Image Consultant in Paris". It turns out that the Expatriates Magazine has an annual bun fight where anyone can nominate a category of 'Best in Paris' and then their circulation of 20 000 people plus anyone who has an opinion can vote for their favourites.

Obvious as Best in Paris winners includes things Parisians keep close to their hearts like Best Tearoom, the amazing A. Lacroix Patissier, with their stunning view of Notre Dame's buttresses - are you following them on instagram or can't you bear seeing all those gorgeous cakes? Best latte, or Best child friendly café, Mombini, which is also a boutique for kids 'stuff'...

Getting out and about, the Best Comedy in Paris was "How to become a Parisian in 1 hour" and there were more practical things like best IT guy or hairdresser.

Best in Paris to pick up vintage clothing is still via the 3 shops of Free P Star situated just behind my favourite shop, BHV and RoyalCheese is the Best in Paris Menswear store.

Just in case you need to know, the Best place to Propose is now Passarelle Debilly, the footbridge crossing the Seine close to the Tower which beat last year's winner the Eiffel Tower and the gardens of the Palais Royal.

Best Image Consultant was in the list last year but nobody nominated me and I knew nothing about the concept :(  However, this year a gorgeous client did nominate me and I found that I was added as the last of about 13 ladies on a list for which voting had started a few weeks earlier.

2 ladies seemed to be ahead of the game, one being last year's winner and I believe most of them are affiliated to the French FNL network of image consultants, a sponsor of the Expatriates magazine.

However, despite being a newbie and a late arrival it appears the other ladies didn't even get a mention as best runners up which happened in some well fought over categories!

I received 67% of all votes!

Read the whole of the Expatriates magazine HERE.

How should I celebrate?

Well I want to offer a gorgeous gift to everybody who sees this post and who receives my newsletters because you are the people I need to thank the most :)

Whether it's a bottle of champagne for my B&B guests who want to become stylish Parisians, a fabulous make up gift to ladies who love the ColourMeBeautiful magnetic compacts or a money-off gift, contact me any way you want and tell me you have read this  "BEST IN PARIS"  article to redeem your gift as my THANK YOU.

But why wait? Start your transformation and Grab my Handy Style Guide.  In it there's a link for a Free Skype Consultation  or, even better, get in touch today to BOOK NOW for a colour, style or full image makeover session, discover how to style yourself with confidence and find out how easy it is to look and feel wonderful, whatever your lifestyle.

Stylishly yours,

Rosemary in pink

Rosemary in pink

Want to hear what my gorgeous clients have said :

“I spent a great afternoon with Rosemary, got tons of good advice which all made perfect sense and were really easy to apply on a daily basis with very little effort. If you are looking for image advice and you are in Paris, just go for it, Rosemary is the one you need!