Bold New Shades for Winter


Looking at the blue Paris sky today I'm still finding it difficult to remind myself that temperatures are plummeting and I need to wrap up in my winter woolens. I finally retrieved my Winter coats from my cellar, however, rather than wearing what I loved from last Winter...

Is it time to embrace some bold new shades?

Bold new shades

Bold new shades

Many of us will gravitate towards the same few colours time and again, but as you take a look at your wardrobe, take the time to have another look at your swatch wallet and see if you can experiment with some of this season’s bold new shades from your colour palette.

This season, RED is THE colour to be seen in, but if, like me, that is a step too far, there are also lots of rich, bold GREENS and BLUES to choose from.

Whichever colours you choose to embrace, there will be a bold new shade to suit YOU, whatever your colouring.

Both your colouring and your style personality will play a big part in which of this season's hottest colours you choose to wear.

RED is a colour which signifies passion, energy and power, so those with DRAMATIC and CREATIVE style personalities may find yourselves drawn to this shade worn quite dominantly as part of your look. A red dress, shoes or bag are all great ways to stand out.

Those who consider their style more ‘CITY CHIC’ may simply opt for a subtle red manicure or lipstick as a nod to the trend.

Don't believe me about the Red takeover? Check out the latest piece in The Times 'Ditch the LBD, it's all about the LRD'.

Confession : I don’t possess a single item in red - what does that say about me?

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As your 'style personality' has a huge influence on your choices, those with a NATURAL or CLASSIC personality will most probably want to opt for slightly subtler shades this season.

With an array of greens on offer, from Zara’s sage green florals to Sandro’s rich velours it could be that you decide to try adding this as a new colour to your wardrobe.

Those of you who have a SOFT colouring will look great in knitwear in greens that are a medium-depth. Try an Olive jacket or even a woolly hat to give you perfectly styled protection.

Don't forget to update your make-up too!

Some bold new shades for eyeshadows have just been created and will soon be available to pop into the famous ColourMeBeautiful magnetic compacts. Remember, you only need to replace the products you LOVE and suit you and your palette best, as and when you need to!

And as a final splash of colour, let yourself be tempted by these sumptuous new lipstick colours by clicking on the link to this 15 second video. Lucky people in the UK can purchase these wonderful products directly, for everyone else please get in touch as I hold large stock of all these goodies.

I promise to warn you all if I ever buy a red dress and I look forward to hearing whether you let any bold new shades slip into your wardrobe this Winter.

Colourfully yours,

Rosemary in pink

Rosemary in pink

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