Confidence is the new Black


I often say "Confidence is the new Black"  because it’s SO true.

So rock it and own it.

You really can wear ANY colour, ANY style, ANY accessory if you have CONFIDENCE.

Self-confidence can be difficult to fake though. If you don’t feel it then it can be hard to pretend and this can lead make ‘safe’ choices with your clothes and style.

How many of us reach for the same colours as we’re unsure whether other shades may suit us. Or reach for the same styles because we feel comfortable and don’t want to risk making a fashion ‘faux pas’.

So how can you achieve this fabulous feeling of self-confidence and how does this translate into your colour and style choices?

Well, this is where my help can be so useful.

A Colour analysis, Style consultation or the full-blown Image Makeover all help to give you a toolkit of advice and information specifically tailored to you to give you the confidence to try new things.

Here are my top tips for clothing yourself in confidence and how I can help you…

1. Book a Full Image Makeover

In a style rut or stuck in a sea of black and can’t see a way out? A full image makeover will cover ALL aspects of your personal style including:

Understanding how your personality affects your Style and you can express this through your clothes.

Which colours complement your skin tone and give you a more youthful appearance and how you can combine them.

Which fabrics and styles will fit and flatter your body shape and style tricks to help you make the most of your figure.

2. Declutter

Once you have had your full image makeover it is time to clear the clutter. Go through your wardrobe and assess each item. Is it in your colour palette, does the fabric and cut flatter you, does it fit with your style personality?

Evaluating your clothes armed with all this new information will make decisions so much easier, leaving you with only the clothes that make you look and feel your best.

3. Get Inspired

Start a Pinterest board or go through magazines and select images of outfits, clothes and accessories that you love and fit with your new image. You’ll soon start to see a pattern emerging and your new signature style forming.

Make a note of any items that appear regularly that you don’t already own - this will form your shopping list of new items you need in your wardrobe.

4. Hit the Shops

It’s time to put all that advice into practice and buy a few items that are in your colour palette, make your figure look fabulous and express your personality.

This knowledge and what really DOES work will give you the boost you need to try new things and the CONFIDENCE to wear them - you’ll be turning heads and feeling fabulous!

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Stylishly yours,

Rosemary in pink

Rosemary in pink

If you want more information you can also read a handy guide I created about working out your own best colours and styles so you can start your own transformation.

If you think I was always Confident in my own Style, think again! Here's a short blog on how going grey made me so confused it eventually pushed me to train as an Image Consultant :)

Want to hear what my gorgeous clients have said :

“I spent a great afternoon with Rosemary, got tons of good advice which all made perfect sense and were really easy to apply on a daily basis with very little effort. If you are looking for image advice and you are in Paris, just go for it, Rosemary is the one you need!


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