A Winter Coat for every Occasion


It’s that time of year when we start to reach for outerwear to keep us cosy. How many Winter coats do you own and are they doing the job when it comes to keeping you both chic and warm for all occasions? After all, your winter coat is an essential item so you need to make sure yours does the job. There are actually three types of coat that should be in your repertoire for the season ahead.

Every day / Every weather winter coat

This will be the most practical coat you own, we all need something that really is going to weather any storm (even you ladies with Dramatic style personalities out there!)

So-called ‘duvet coats’ are great for Winter walks, commutes to and from the office or the school run as they offer warmth and protection from the elements. Whilst there is little that can be done to style a padded coat to show off your figure, save perhaps a belt if you have a defined waist or track down one with an internal cinching - in system for those full hourglass figures, you can make sure the colour is fabulous.

You can go one of two ways; either a versatile neutral accessorised with a colourful scarf, or one of your favourite statement shades from your palette. Either way make sure the colour that is next to your face really is working wonders for you.

Remember to also consider the length of your everyday coat, how long does it need to be to protect you from the cold and rain when walking, or do you, like my Mother, drive to the other side of the town rather than walk!

Smart / Casual everyday winter coat

Whilst wrapping up in something practical is great, there will also be occasions when you want something a little more chic. Perhaps you’re indulging in some Saturday shopping followed by lunch with friends; you need a coat that is warm but not too bulky, practical but still stylish.

Cocoon coats are wonderfully versatile and fabulously warm at this time of year and come in an array of colours. They’re more of a statement ‘look’ rather than something that will flatter your figure, so ensure you stick to the guidelines for dressing for your body shape with the outfit you are wearing underneath your winter coat, so that at least your outfit will fit and flatter in all the right places.

Trench coats are also another popular style for winter coats this season. The belt is a great way to show off a defined waist and you can layer a roll neck underneath or a scarf over the top to keep you warm. Beware of fabrics when it comes to trench coats, they can come in lighter weight fabrics, offering more shape and definition but they can also sometimes be a little heavy and stiff. Heavier fabrics are fine if you have a straighter body shape (although make sure you belt them at the back to keep your look uncluttered). If you’re curvy choose a more fluid fabric that will skim your curves and cinch in at the waist.



When you’re headed out for a night on the town you don’t want to be hiding your fabulous outfit under a dowdy coat. This is the time to call on your inner drama-queen (if you haven't already!) and go for something with a little WOW factor!

Velvet, faux fur trims, jewelled embellishments and embroidery are all big news this season so you may want to embrace one or more of these trends. This is the coat to have fun with and it should make you feel like a million dollars so that when you make your entrance at that party, all eyes are on you!

My Winter Coats

I have a Barbour rain coat, practical but no head protection though not a strange choice for central Paris. I also have a 'not too cold outside' coat, drama length velvet with a black and white leopard print lining still with no hood but doubles as my Evening winter coat but in fact I think I just like wearing my evening coat as often as I can....

I have a Missoni wool, checked trench coat with violet lining and some black shiny material under the collar, pockets and breast plate parts. It is technically my winter coat in that when I wear it I feel Winter has started. It keeps me warm but still has no hood and if I wear it with my black shiny boots I look a bit like a stormtrooper, however before I took the belt off I looked more like a short sack of potatoes. Beware how you style something....

For weather lower than freezing I bring out my fur coat, it's a lot older than me, as heavy as hell, and as I don't believe in buying more of anything more for the sake of it, including winter coats, this lot will do me for until one of them gives up the ghost!

But perhaps I need a hat for Christmas?

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Stylishly yours,

Rosemary in pink

Rosemary in pink

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