Caring for Winter Woollies


If, like me, you’re bundled up the moment the Summer fades, you’ll be reaching for cosy winter woollies to keep you snug and warm. Woollen items are a staple of most of our Autumn/Winter wardrobes and can be quite an investment, so it’s important to ensure you care and store yours correctly.

Washing winter woollies

This may sound obvious but before assuming your knitwear is suitable for a machine wash, check the label; some items will be hand wash only. At that point I then remind myself that I made a mistake in buying this item - I hate hand-washing!

If you do need to hand wash, ensure you turn the item inside out and use cool water with a gentle, hand wash detergent. Leaving them to soak for 5-10 minutes is ideal and try not to pull or rub your woolies as this can lead to them becoming misshapen, plus the rubbing can leave a mark as the fibres get worn down.

To dry, re-shape carefully and then lie your knitwear out on a clean towel before gently rolling it up in the towel to remove any excess moisture then dry on a table or a flat rack (still on a towel) as racks can create indents.

If your woollies can be put in the washing machine : * Never wash above 30 degrees * Use the ‘wool’, ‘gentle’ or ‘delicate’ cycle * Put each item in a separate, washable laundry bag to ensure they don’t get stretched or misshapen * NEVER put woollies in the tumble dryer (unless you want them to make instant dolls clothes!)

Storing your winter woollies

Ensure moths don’t nibble at your prized cashmere by only putting away clean items; moths feed off sweat and stains. To help with this further, wear a layer between your skin and your woollen item to ‘catch’ any perspiration. Moth deterrents can be purchased just about everywhere in Paris, perhaps because we are constantly putting away a season's clothes whilst wearing another? They do a great job of keeping mites at bay and I even like the smell, but maybe I am odd :)

Folding and storing items flat when you’re not wearing them is ideal for heavier weight woollens as hanging them can cause them to become misshapen. However I do hang all my lighter weight woollens on some colourful, padded, felt coat-hangers I got from Nepal.

winter woollies

winter woollies

Keep bobbles at bay

Unfortunately, woollen items do have a tendency to bobble, but have no fear, there are solutions! You can buy clever little de-bobbling machines that act like a miniature scythe so be careful just to hover over the garment otherwise the fibres will look shaved! There are also wire combs that are very cheap or simply use some packing tape or even sellotape to get rid of any bobbly bits. The key is to stay on top of them before they get too big or too many, so give your woollens the once-over each time you wear it.

Hope you found this useful, do leave me a comment as I would love to her from you or take a look at some other recent posts.

Colourfully yours,

Rosemary in pink

Rosemary in pink