Confused about which colours and styles suit you?

I’ve been there too

I was totally confused in my early 30’s about what colours suited me.

A Cruella De Vil white streak had appeared in my hair when I was quite young and nothing seemed to suit me anymore.  

Going grey early is a family trait so I wasn’t very worried about that per se but eventually I realised that no matter what I was wearing, whilst I wanted to look tanned and healthy instead I just looked pale and tired all the time!

If asked I also used to say that the colour of my eyes were anything from light grey to dark blue ‘depending on the light’. How wrong was I to think the light had anything to do with it!

Lots of people I knew had been for a Colour Analysis in the 80’s, they came back saying ‘I’m a Winter’ swapped all their outfits that weren’t now ‘their colours’ with other family or friends and seemed happy with the result. I thought the answer was to do the same.

It was not a success!

I spent the entire time sitting in a dark room in front of a mirror and I couldn’t see the changes in my skin tone as this lady draped various colours in front of me. I complained. She said “don’t worry I know what is happening and I will show you what your colours are at the end!”

I was livid, I had no insights, no idea what looked great and a palette of swatches I didn’t know how to use, plus I was still confused and still going grey. So I vowed that when I got time I would learn all about how to wear colour so I could finally know what was best for me.

Fast forward a couple of years and two things happened :

I re-started highlighting my hair which meant going to London regularly, from Paris, to find a hairdresser – trust me finding a colourist in Paris is a problem! She put ash highlights in my hair and said “I never want to see you wearing that chocolate brown polo neck jumper again!”. OK, another style failure.

I also had a 1 month gap in my diary in November 2009 so I checked the internet and came across a training opportunity with ColourMeBeautiful, the leading Image Consultants in Europe.

Rosemary going grey and wearing a grey jumper

I booked because I still wanted to know for my own benefit. Living in Paris, I was surrounded by French men and women who I believed dressed stylishly, effortlessly, following rules I couldn’t because I wasn’t the same colouring as them…. Obviously no-one in Paris was confused!

After the first of many training opportunities I came back to Paris, went into a business meeting wearing my new GREY jumper (this one in the photo) and someone said “Rosemary, you’re looking well. Have you been on holiday?” A WIN.

A few years later I decided to leave corporate life, having worked in London, Hong Kong and Paris for over 25 years, in order to turn my home in central Paris into a BnB. I also started offering colour and style consultations to my guests and the local expat community.

It’s worked so well that whereas before I used to call myself a Top 10 ranked BnB owner who offers style and colour consultations, now I call myself an International, award-winning Personal Stylist who happens to own a BnB!

A précis of that information is in a first try I have made of doing a video, it was a one-shot video and I will learn how to edit soon! Hope you like it 🙂 So if you are also confused by going grey or for any other reason, CONTACT ME  and let’s have a chat.

If you want more information you can also read a handy guide I created about working out your own best colours and styles so you can start your own transformation.

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