2017’s new Pantone colour is Greenery

Every year Pantone selects a shade that they feel represents what is happening in our global culture and therefore serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. For 2017 that shade is ‘Greenery’ :

“A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginning

Most shades of green are associated with nature and this Pantone shade is very similar to Apple Green in the colour me beautiful swatches. It is a zesty, yellow green tone, making it perfect for those of you who fall into our Light dominant colour category or who have a Warm undertone.

Greenery pantone colour dress

The way you wear this shade will vary depending on your dominant colour category, if you can at all. My dominant colouring is COOL so I will just have a little moan here because I can’t wear this colour, I may be Green with Envy lol but you would cart me off to hospital if you saw me wearing it.  Even so that doesn’t stop my wardrobe containing quite a few items exactly this colour because I have always adored it, always ignored the fact that it doesn’t look great on me and blindly worn white scarves to keep the reflection off my face….. Stubborn or what !   (In the last few years I have taken a more grown up attitude to this colour, see in the p.s. at the bottom.)

Anyway, digression over, here are a few tips from me on how you may be able to wear this stunning Pantone shade!

Deep and contrasting

If you fall into the Deep or Clear dominant colour category you ideally want to pair Greenery with a contrasting shade. Neutrals like Charcoal and Black Brown will work well. You could also pair Greenery with Damson for a rich, contrasting combination or Lapis to provide a striking pop of colour.

Light and delicate 

Those of you who fall into the Light dominant colour category will want to add a shade of a similar, or slightly lighter depth to Greenery, to complement your colouring. Try wearing it with subtle colours like Soft White, Shell or even Powder Blue, which will give a lovely, fresh feel to your look as we move into Spring.

Go green!

If you fall into the Warm dominant colour category you may wish to wear Greenery all on its own, or with some simple gold jewellery; either way, it will certainly complement your warm colour characteristics. Those who are Dramatic and Warm may want to try some more unusual colour combinations, perhaps a pop of Pumpkin or Primrose to really spice things up !

Not sure if Greenery is in your palette ?   Come and see me before you rush to the shops !

p.s. I have since used green as my accent colour in the apartment kitchen and for all my handbag accessories; wallet, nail file, make-up bag…

Looking forward to your comments on whether you love it or it hates you….

Rosemary in pink
Signature for Rosemary