Parisians vs Trainers (sneakers) 2-love ?

Getting a new pair of trainers (sneakers to some) at the beginning of the year used to be like getting a new pencil case for the start of school. This year whether you are a gym fan or phobic the choice available will really put a spring in your step. Parisians however have always considered that style comes at a price, and with rules, so how are they coping with this relaxed form of footwear ?    

In the shops we can see the ‘wedge’, ‘high top’, ‘slip on’ or ‘low rise’.  Jimmy Choo has named his designs London, Miami or Berlin, but tellingly not Paris.

Chanel slip on sneakers

This Chanel black & white slip on is super comfortable but seems scarily pared-down.

If you want to protect your budget you can find lots of ‘cool kicks’ on the High Street with Converse and Nike leading the march along the boulevards.

Here are my thoughts…

Make light work

For those Parisians who are on their feet a lot at work or who walk to work then investing in a pair of trainers seems to have just started to take on.  Trouser-sporting Parisian sales assistants wearing black on black on black seem unanimously to have decided on discrete black Chanel or Gucci.

Use them to dress down a smart dress

When they’re showing trainers on the couture catwalks at Dior and Chanel, you know that gives you permission to go ‘comfy’ with the footwear.

If pairing with a posh skirt or dress, choose a matching shade and your trainers will blend perfectly into the rest of your outfit (or don’t!).

If the European ‘look’ is layering in neutral-coloured investment pieces with a pop of colour to keep it up to date, normally in the form of an accessory, then it appears that trainers have become the new designer handbag / scarf.

Girlie girl

Not only are brands starting to make their ranges in smaller sizes there is lots more femininity and colour in their lines too.

Gucci have created this beautiful flowery trainer and Chanel have designed lady-like tweed ones. So your trainers can now reflect your romantic style personality.

Gucci flowery lace ups

Anyone for tennis?

mint sneakers casual-paris

Wear tennis shoes with tailored slacks for a new chic spin or if you feel you are too short in the leg to wear a flat trainer then the ‘wedge’ design is the one for you.

Street style

nike sneakers french street style

Anyone under the age of 35 has adopted Nike / Converse footwear combined with skinny jeans and a leather jacket and there you have it, your ‘youthful, casual look’.

Indeed it does seem that for the French a leather jacket and a big handbag seem to be de rigueur if worn with ‘les baskets’ – yet another French fashion rule to remember.

Perhaps it is just me who is not happy seeing this movement towards comfort ?

Yesterday I saw a neighbour who is normally very well layered and co-ordinated wearing a summer dress and trainers – perhaps because she was just popping to the closest supermarket and it was 30C in the shade ?  In any case I slowed my step so as not to catch up with her at the crossing, just in case I had caught her ‘in flagrante’!!!

How you or I dress indoors is nobody’s business but unless I am on my way to the gym (less than 100 metres down the hill from my apartment and I normally try to be there for 7am so there is little chance of being spied) you will be waiting a long time to catch me wearing trainers in public.

Your views are welcome !

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