Are you wearing your scarf yet ?

I have lived in Paris for 20 years so I know the ‘rule’ – from 1st October throughout the whole Winter I must wear a scarf lest I catch a cold from being in a draught (this start date applies strictly even if the temperature is scorching).  Accessorising colourfully and stylishly is super – important, but secondary. Scarves provide one of the few opportunities to be colourful if you are Parisian and in order to tick the stylish box in Autumn / Winter, they are a cheap fix to keeping your look up to date.  Parisians may not change their Winter coats every year but they will already have purchased a couple of scarves in this Winter’s new colours.  If your coat is in one of the neutral colours from your palette have fun combining one of your accent colours to brighten up cold, grey days.

For those who are not hypochondriacs, scarves are also a fantastic way of completing your outfits and can elevate a simple top and trouser combination to something supremely chic and effortless. Do take care though because scarves are the perfect way to inject some colour right next to your face where it will have the most (positive or negative) impact!

There are several scarf style options to choose from at this time of year; here’s a round up of some of my favourites :

Skinny Statement

Those who keep an eye on current trends will know that skinny scarves, worn looped once around the neck then allowed to fall simply either side, are the look of the moment! Dramatics, Creatives and Romantics may all want to give this a try. It’s a fabulous look if you have a beautiful long neck and works particularly well when worn with v-neck tops and blouses.


What is wrong with wearing an extra layer especially if it comes with the added bonus of keeping the doctor away?   I am tired of hearing men say that if they wore a scarf when it wasn’t 120° below they would be called effeminate by their male friends.  I would suggest that it might be more appropriate to take notice of how many ladies think Guillaume Canet looks gorgeous to what some ‘men’ think is appropriate dressing !?!

Blanket Cover

Large blanket scarves have been around for several seasons now. They’re extremely versatile with a variety of ways in which they can be worn, meaning you can achieve lots of different looks with just one scarf. Many come in geometric and check designs with a variety of colours in them and, because of their medium-weight material, they can often be left on even when you’ve taken your coat off (perfect if you work in a chilly office!)

Snuggly Snood

Those of you who have a Natural style personality will want a scarf that is functional as well as looking good, so a chunky snood (a continuous loop of fabric that you simply wrap loosely around your neck once or twice) is a great choice. If you’re petite in scale make sure you don’t go overboard as you may appear to be swamped if the pattern or weave of your snood is too big!

Chic Handkerchief

A simple silk neck handkerchief, tied closely to the neck, is a timeless look. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and go for a floral or paisley print with a myriad of colours in to lift your outfit.


Whichever scarf style you opt for this Autumn/Winter remember that it is vital that you choose one in one of your best colours! Colour worn next to our face has the greatest impact, so it’s important to get it right!

Just check out Jessica here.  As far as I have seen children under 12ish instinctively pick perfect colours for themselves.  It is adults who get confused by wanting what we see on TV or from the latest designers….  I promise, if you are confused ask a child to choose for you, or, as Christmas is coming, a gift voucher for a Colour Consultation would be an ideal present.

Looking forward to your comments,

Rosemary in pink
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