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Looking for some new make-up or skincare?

Scarves, books or Gift Certificates? Why not try the amazing products from Colour Me Beautiful, made in the UK.

Lots of excellent advice particularly regarding make-up.


Choose from:


Colour Me Flawless! Discover a range of products that will do everything from disguising flaws and uneven colouring to giving your skin a more youthful and radiant look.


Our cashmere-soft eye shadows are unbelievably blendable.

Whether it’s a natural, smokey or dramatic look you’re after – any of these are achievable using a combination of our shadows, pencils and mascaras.


From a touch of gloss to a luscious lip look it’s simple once you have a little ‘colour know-how’.


Choose from our luxurious anti-ageing, organic, vegan, cruelty-free potions and lotions, packed with essential oils, to suit all skin types and give you a youthful-looking complexion.


It all started in 1978 when Carole Jackson wrote the first Colour Me Beautiful book! Almost 40 years later, Colour Me Beautiful are still the recognised leaders in the industry.

Our publications make a great read and, also make ideal gifts for both men and women.

I wanted to thank you again for making Eva’s party so fun. The girls really responded well to Colour Me Beautiful.
Even today while packing for our vacation both girls pulled out their swatches to make choices of which clothes to pack!
I can see shopping will have a whole new light.Cheryl