Colour consultation

A colour consultation is the door opener to leaving your old ways behind and introducing simple changes that will transform you. You will be amazed by how much your confidence will grow! It’s not about changing your entire wardrobe but choosing colours that complement your natural colouring more than others.

Personal Style Consultation

When we look good we feel good. A Personal Style Consultation will help you understand why particular clothing styles flatter you more than others, why certain fabrics are perfect for your body shape and why your size, proportions and your personality play an integral role in making you look great and feel more confident.

Mother and Daughter Pamper session

Mothers and Daughters, you can learn something new, interesting and useful about yourselves and each other. Spend time together enjoying each other’s company, set aside your roles and focus on creating a stronger connection and a deeper understanding of what each of you loves and what actually makes you look wonderful.