Personal Style Videos

If you’re interested in a workshop or an evening of fun and entertainment that will also be useful for years to come…

Here are some very short Style videos that I have just created. Hope you find them interesting.

BWonderful: how to look and feel wonderful every day

I’m Rosemary Allan, an award-winning Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in Central Paris and this short video explains why it’s a great idea to pick up my handy guide, full of style tips to save you time and money.

Confused about which colours or styles suit you?

I was confused about what colours to wear when I started to go grey. Nothing I was wearing seemed to suit me anymore. Because I didn’t know and I wanted to I eventually trained as an Image consultant! Now I show people how to look (and therefore feel) amazing every day.

Learn to wear colour, effortlessly, every day

This 2-minute video details what I promise you will receive following a Colour Consultation – people really will notice the difference, immediately!

Look Stylish, effortlessly, every day

Knowing how to recognise styles that are perfect for you will save you countless hours of indecision when shopping and also save you lots of money because you are only buying outfits that make you look wonderful.

Why some people can’t wear clothes with belts

Here I explain why some people can’t wear fitted clothes, especially those, like coats which have belts.

How to choose your accessories

Explaining how to choose accessories is a simple way to show how your ‘scale’ (body frame and height) impacts how comfortable you are with what you wear and how certain things just ‘don’t feel right’.

BWonderful Colour presentation on the Hotel Barge Luciole

Check out the very short video of the smiling faces during a recent Colour demonstration I did on the Hotel Barge Luciole on the Nivernais canal.

Watch this video for a scarf knot that lies flat

Here’s a simple way to tie a scarf that lies flat across your chest. This is particularly useful for anyone who has a large bust or who wants a neater knot that fills in underneath a coat but isn’t bulky.