Image for Men Consultation

Image for Men Consultation


Time: 2 hours

This is a 2 hour colour consultation held at 52 rue de Clichy 75009 PARIS at a date and time of your choice.
You will take away a leather wallet containing 42 swatches of your best colours and a copy of the book 'Image Matters for Men'.

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During a Full Image for Men consultation you will learn to make the right first and lasting impression in every situation so that you look your best all of the time, affordably and easily, whatever your age or lifestyle.

The session includes essential information on how to dress for success, specifically:

  • Selecting and combining colours that complement your natural colouring

  • Identifying the best formal and casual wear clothing styles, cuts and fabrics for your build and lifestyle

  • Developing a co-ordinated wardrobe, ensuring that you get value for money out of any clothing investments

  • How your hair, accessories and eyewear can affect your image.