Denim jeans – what is your best style ?

Jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but the style you choose can make or break an outfit. Selecting your denim based on your body shape means you’ll be able to step out confidently knowing that they are flattering and fitting in all the right places.

Take a look at my top tips below to determine which denim style is your perfect match !


A modern classic that is a figure-fixer for most body shapes.

Best For : Triangles, Inverted triangles and Full hourglass body shapes. None are Parisian body shapes so it is not a Parisian photo !

How to style it : The slimming and leg-lengthening effect of boot cut jeans is enhanced when they’re worn with a heel – opt for a wedge or a chunky heeled boot if comfort is a priority (I’m talking to all you naturals out there !)


Currently the most fashionable take on denim, but are they right for you ?

Best For : Petites and Lean column body shapes.

How to style it : Wear with ballet flats (Repettos, or their look-alikes are de rigueur in Paris) or loafers or ankle boots for an edgier look. Skinnies are most flattering when worn with longer tops. Petites, make sure your top falls either above or below your widest point – you won’t have a wide point if you are a Lean Column!


A more mannish shape that is currently very fashionable and my current preferred choice ignoring the fact that a ‘mannish shape’ is a good description of me whether in Boyfriend jeans or not!

Best For : Lean Column, Rectangle and Inverted Triangle body shapes.

How to style it : Play up the boyish vibes with a pair of funky trainers and a simple top, or offset with feminine details like heels, a fitted top or blazer.

Don’t forget to accessorise with the perfect Lean Column handbag, any boxy Chanel choice.


Don’t forget to consider the weight of your denim. Thicker, heavy denim holds its shape and is very durable, making it ideal for straighter body shapes.

If you have a curvier body shape opt for softer, more fluid styles that will move with you rather than constrict your fabulous figure!

Get out there and  BWonderful.

Looking forward to your comments,
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