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February – the month of love, passion, romance (and my birthday) … and it only takes the power of your best lipstick to make us feel sure that the World is at our feet!

Red symbolises passion, love and energy so be bold this month and try something new !  I keep saying that everyone has ‘their’ red, you just need to ensure you get the right shade to suit you so here are some suggestions from the colour me beautiful range to update your look and brighten your complexion.

Lucky people who live in the UK or who pop over can take advantage of the links to buy direct, everyone else will just have to come to see me for their best lipstick 🙂

Ladies with Light and delicate featurescan look overshadowed in strong shades so try a slick of Pink Shell lipgloss over Natural lip pencil.

Do you have that Deep (French) colouring?  Perfect your Hollywood pout with our Red Carpet cream lipstick.

For those with a Warm colouringSpice lip pencil worn underneath Warm Sand lipgloss will make your lips instantly kissable !

Cool girls like me should go for it with our bright pink Glam cream lipstick – I love it !

Clears who look wonderful in all things shiny and bright, you can draw attention to your lips and add some contrast to a neutral make-up look with a rich Ruby cream lipstick.

Softs, that’s all you ladies with an English Rose complexion – subtle is more your style, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still make a statement! Just Kissed and Sueded Rose are both great choices. Whether it’s a sassy new image, a slick of a bold new lipstick or you fancy a makeover experience, treat yourself to a little TLC, come and see me and make sure this February you forge ahead wearing your best lipstick !

CLICK HERE for more information on understanding your best colours and make-up tips and if you want to find out about the new Spring Colours and Styles for 2017, CLICK HERE to read my blog.

p.s. does anyone, like me, think the main photo looks a lot like Princess Diana ?

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Rosemary in pink
Rosemary in pink