What’s new for you for Spring 2017?

I spent last week in London, in part to spend time with other ColourMeBeautiful ladies to learn lots and particularly what is new and exciting for Spring 2017.

Some trends have already invaded the shops and some will arrive with the warmer weather but here are a couple of ideas on what you might wear if you want to be up to date this Spring 2017.

Lets start with the annoying trend – YELLOW

It is still here. Everywhere. Mustard is stocked from M&S to Chloé. I must admit I love it but heck, it doesn’t love me, but happily my living room walls are, at least, ‘fashionable’!

The other trend these 2 photos highlight is that for Spring 2017 the fabrics are floaty and outfits have big sleeves, flounces, ruffles and lots of bows and ties and ‘BITS’.

The M&S shirt would be ideal for anyone who can cinch in their waist and show off their hourglass figure although anyone who is too hippy might think twice having huge, floaty cuffs ending at your hips…

I hate fussy bits although I am sure those of you with Romantic personalities will love them both.  But honestly, if I could wear yellow I would actually buy the M&S shirt, it lures me with that ‘I want you, I need you even though you are bad for me’ sign. Thank God I know what I can and cannot wear now because otherwise that shirt would be in the wardrobe with the tag still on it in Summer !

Off the Shoulder styles

This floaty number from LK Bennett will work wonderfully for all those with a light, delicate colouring who tend to have it easy finding great things to wear in the Spring and Summer months.

I am challenged to think of who might want this Solace stripey shirt except those ‘look at me’ ladies with their Dramatic personalities.

More flappy, wide sleeves happening.

Spring 2017 cashmere Pure striped jumper

Stripes and Khaki

In any and all directions is on trend this season. Wearing them on your top is great for ladies who feel pear-shaped as it keeps the interest in the top half of your body like this Hobbs top.

This may be a comfortable choice for those with more Classical tastes and it is matched with a khaki jacket which is a colour that will also be everywhere this Spring.

This is good news for those anyone with a Deeper, golden or ‘French’ colouring who may struggle to find clothes in the summer months that are strong enough to look great on them.

This dress and parka from Next are ideal for anyone with a warm, golden, freckly skin.  Those of you with a Softer colouring may find the duo a bit to overpowering, it just depends on whether you need the stronger colours to give you a boost or you look better with a lighter colour next to your skin.

As a Cool person, I am soo happy that I have just bought this striped cashmere jumper (translation – sweater) from Pure.  I can get away with the yellow because it is icy and the oranges and yellow are not in the first few stripes closest to my face.

When I wore it I was asked “have you been on holiday ?”  This is the perfect reaction to buying new clothes, not “oh is that a new jumper ?”  Wearing it I looked well enough to look as if I had been on holiday rather than having spent a week in rainy London… that is the effect our clothes should have on us – to provide a reflection of the amazing colours we are wearing on to our faces and making us look radiant.

What styles or colours have you seen so far that you may be tempted by ?  Do leave me a comment below as I would love to hear what you have to say.  And if you want to know what lipstick will work for you this Spring 2017, take a look at my Colourful Kisses blog.

Rosemary in pink
Rosemary in pink