Step Stylishly into Spring

Stylish shoes for Spring – the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with new colours as well as new styles. This month I want to give you the low down on the hottest shoe trends for the season and which ones will work for you…

shoes for spring


All Wrapped Up

WHAT IS IT? Emphasising the ankles, this look focuses on buckles, ribbons and straps wrapped around the lower half of your leg.

BEST FOR Taller, slimmer ladies as cutting your legs in multiple places can make them appear shorter. Be mindful that a longer skirt length can exacerbate the problem too. Wearing this type of sandal with a stiletto heel can elongate a slim leg but if your calves are fuller choose a chunkier heel that will give you a more balanced look.


Flat Form

WHAT IS IT? The sole to be seen in this Spring / Summer is thick, even and oh-so comfortable.

BEST FOR Anyone looking for a ‘Natural’ style will love these stylish shoes as they have lots of squishy padding and are both comfortable and practical. They will also give you a little height, so if you’re petite you get the best of both worlds!

flat pumps
kitten heels


Kitten Heels

WHAT IS IT? A modern classic, the kitten heel is returning again this season.

BEST FOR Romantics who will love this elegant, ladylike heel. Those who are ‘Grand’ in scale may also enjoy trying this trend to give the leg a little lift without adding too much height. This style is also much more flattering than a higher heel for those with fuller calves or ankles.


‘Florals for Spring, groundbreaking…’

BEST FOR Anyone who knows how to co-ordinate them with the rest of their wardrobe. This year florals are everywhere and they are nothing if not bold. Slip-ons, like these from Mango, and mules of all kinds will be back this season so enjoy wearing comfortable and stylish shoes.

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Spring is always a time for new beginnings; decluttering your wardrobe, reinvigorating your clothes with some new colours and trying out new styles. Discover how to style yourself with self-confidence and find out how easy it is to look and feel wonderful, whatever your lifestyle.

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shoes for spring

Rosemary in pink
Rosemary in pink