Wedding Perfect

Summer has arrived, I have finally put my umbrella away and the Wedding Season is in full swing. Selecting an outfit that is flattering, comfortable, appropriate for the occasion and perhaps also adaptable to the vagaries of the weather forecasting services can often seem daunting!

If you’re looking for some inspiration then you’ve come to the right place.  I will take you through some outfit suggestions and tips to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons (just try not to upstage the bride.)

Colour Confidence

You just knew we’d start here didn’t you? My first tip is to start with a colour that really works for you (i.e. one from your colour palette). Go for a shade from your palette that really makes you feel fabulous – when you feel great, you look great after all. Now is not the time to experiment with new combinations (unless you’re been getting some expert guidance from me, of course !) Opt for a shade you have worn and loved previously and for which you have received comments like ‘you look really well’ rather than ‘what a gorgeous dress’. Beware! Don’t opt for white or ivory (too bridal), avoid black (even if it is in your colour palette, it is a little morbid for such a joyous occasion) and don’t go TOO bright and shiny (if you know you are a ‘Clear’ or a ‘Dramatic’, you know I’m talking to you!)

You Don’t Have To Do a Dress 

Wedding jumpsuit

A dress is an easy option for a wedding, and there’s no reason not to go for this if you find something you love and which flatters your body shape and proportions. However, don’t forget that there are many alternatives to a dress that you may want to try.

Skirts have made something of a comeback in recent years and are a great option for a wedding. Triangle body shapes in particular will love the trend for full, prom-style skirts that is prevalent at the moment and what’s more you can get lots of wear out of a skirt for other occasions by changing your top, shoes and accessories.

Don’t like your legs? Then try a jumpsuit! There are so many available now. Be sure to choose a material that works for your body shape to ensure your jumpsuit is as flattering and comfortable as possible.

Dancing Feet

Shoes can make or break an outfit so it’s important to get them right! If you’re wearing something new for the big day make sure you give them a trial run at home first (top tip, if they need wearing in then pop a pair of thick socks on and wear them around the house to soften and loosen any areas that may pinch your feet). If you have room in your bag it’s always wise to put a pair of flats in so you can enjoy showing off your moves on the dance floor rather than toe-tapping on the sidelines!


Don’t forget the details.

Hats are worn less at weddings these days but a ‘percher’ or flat beret or a simple hair accessory will complete your look and instantly make it feel more ‘wedding’ appropriate. Finish your ensemble with some carefully selected jewellery and a bag or clutch in a complementary colour and you’ll be good to go!

Looking for some colour or style advice for a special occasion?  Get in touch with me HERE.

Can’t wait for your views.

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