Take Inspiration From Stylish Royal Wedding Guests

Best Dressed Wedding Guest'

How to be a ‘Best Dressed Wedding Guest’ The Royal wedding had me glued to my TV screen a couple of weeks ago as it was so wonderful to see so many of the guests arriving at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for the ceremony in vibrant colours and beautiful styles.

I hope you were doing the same.

Not everyone was though, I had to smile when a totally confused Male guest told me “the TV was on in the airport and everybody was watching it even though the ceremony hadn’t started….” yee Gods, slaps forehead etc 🙂

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“Attitude is everything”

No matter your age, dress size or clothing budget, how you wear your clothes and the attitude you adopt really is everything.

Adopt a positive, fun and optimistic attitude and this will flow through to your style and best of all, a change of attitude to how you dress doesn’t cost a penny!

“Attitude is Everything” – Diane von Furstenburg

Isn’t it just?

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Summer dressing for the Office

Summer dressing

Having to get back into office wear after being in a more casual mode can be a struggle, so here are I hope to show you how to keep things looking more boardroom than the beach at the office with mix and match separates and easy to throw-on dresses as well as a few guidelines to keep in mind for your Summer office wear wardrobe.

Office Style

Many workplaces now adopt a casual dress code, giving you more flexibility when choosing what to wear to work. 

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Champagne Filled Pamper Morning

A champagne-filled Pamper Morning is the perfect package for the lady who wants to take time out to spoil herself. Set aside a morning to sip champagne in the centre of Paris whilst getting insights into how to dress stylishly and colourfully and have a natural look make-up session too.

Discover WHY certain colours and shades suit you more than others and how best to co-ordinate them with what you already have in your closet – insights that will work for you all your life.

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Smart Sales Shopping!

Who can resist the lure of the sales? Well, me normally, I hate the crush!  

But even for me, seeing everything I never needed at eye-wateringly low prices, it can be difficult not to splurge on unnecessary items. Come on hands up – how many of you have got items in your wardrobe with the ‘sale’ tag still on?

(Me, 1 dress from 2 years ago that I bought in Galeries Lafayette but I now keep it as a dire reminder for my Style consultations so perhaps it is being ‘used’ ?!)  

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What’s new for you this Spring?

I spent last week in London, in part to spend time with other Colour Me Beautiful ladies to learn lots, particularly what’s new and exciting for Spring 2017.

Some trends have already invaded the shops and some will arrive with the warmer weather but here are a couple of ideas on what you might wear if you want to be up to date this Spring 2017.

Lets start with the annoying trend – YELLOW

It’s still here. Everywhere. Mustard is stocked from M&S to Chloé. I must admit I love it but heck, it doesn’t love me, but happily my living room walls are, at least, ‘fashionable’!

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Colourful Kisses

Your best lipstick

February – the month of love, passion, romance (and my birthday) … and it only takes the power of your best lipstick to make us feel sure that the World is at our feet!

Red symbolises passion, love and energy so be bold this month and try something new!  

I keep saying that everyone has ‘their’ red, you just need to ensure you get the right shade to suit you so here are some suggestions from the colour me beautiful range to update your look and brighten your complexion. Use the link or pop in and see me for your best lipstick 🙂

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New Year, same wardrobe, new broom!

Wardrobe revamp from who what wear

We are two weeks into 2017 and along with the influx of ‘SALE’ and ‘MONEY OFF’ emails, we’re also seeing lots of ‘NOTHING NEW’ messages.

Some people are shying away from the shops and instead vowing to buy no new clothes, some for up to a year (have you read the blog from The Women’s Room on this)?

How many times have I said that statistically most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?

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